In 2019 Hocus Pocus will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with a national tour. As you may know, Hocus Pocus producer/rapper  20syl and DJ, Greem both took time away from the group (in 2012) to focus on their DJ quartet “C2C” with DJ Atom and Pfel. C2C would find major success with their “Tetra” album going double platinum, winning four Victories de la Musique awards (French Grammys), and an extensive world wide tour.

Always staying creative and productive 20Syl followed C2C with two critically acclaimed solo releases, garnering streams into the hundreds of millions, and in 2016 with American rapper Mr. J. Medeiros he formed AllttA - a duo that would usher in a new era of Hip Hop with its Electronic touch.
But in 2019 all efforts and eyes will focus on the group that started it all, Hocus Pocus. Known for their captivating live energy, their brilliant mix of organic and digital sounds, and their genre defying classics- both the old school and new school generation anticipate once again the Jazz, Soul, and Hip Hop of Hocus Pocus.


Tour dates will be anounced soon, you can find the events on the Facebook page of the band.


Picture : CLACK / David Gallard