The AllttA duo has taken a look back to reveal a fresh new remix from 20Syl for their song Bucket off their debut album ‘The Upper Hand’. The track deals with the many odd jobs Mr. J. Medeiros had before following his dream to be a rapper. Free from a fairy tale however, Mr. J. Medeiros remains sober in his assessment that following any dream on your “bucket list” comes with tribulation - revealing every  “bucket” has a hole, requiring a continuous fill of ambition.

The video displays an industrial-urban abstract environment which plays with shapes and dimensions, offering a surrealistic look into the songs theme. Produced by ELMØ, a Parisian multi-disciplinary creation studio renowned for its collaborations and commercial works, the video is true to the AllttA universe keeping it’s focus on multi-dimensional design, a practice you’ll find AllttA maintaining into their current “Facing Giants” single series. “Bucket” challenges its listeners to understand its many sonic and lyrical layers and now with its visual equivalent. 

'The Upper Hand' available on all platforms.

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