Since 2001, On And On Records acts as a truly independent label, promoting quality music and original artists. Rooted in its “clan” values and its deep appreciation for hip hop, On And On has built itself looking up to iconic record labels such as Rawkus and Stones Throw. The first couple of On And On releases pay a tribute to these legendary labels. For instance, 20syl’s maxi Malade, a jazz/funk infused track, is emblematic of the crew’s fascination for classic Hip Hop. So is the Flying Saucer breakbeat produced by he collective Coups2Cross (who will later become C2C) that came out soon after on On And On.

Right from the start, On And On Records stands out for its authenticity and its innovative take on the music business. Hocus Pocus’ second LP 73 Touches is released by On And On in 2005 which brings a considerable amount of attention to the refreshing label. Soon catching up with the hype and without compromising its sharp and exclusive edge, the label releases Place 54, Hocus Pocus’ fourth album, in 2006. Rewarded by a Gold Record, the opus fast tracks the label out of the independent scene. From that point, On And On keeps asserting itself as a key player on the contemporary music scene, until reaching colossal success with C2C’s first full-length record Tetra, crediting the crew with four French Grammys and a double Platinium Record.

On And On has remained grounded and true to itself despite the huge amount of exposure gotten since 2006. Now fully operational without having to compromise, the label works on both major releases and artists’ development. Recent releases like Ledeunff and 20syl’s EPs, embody On And On’s ability to build an audience for singular and eclectic artists.