Hocus Pocus’ guitarist and singer, Ledeunff jumpstarted his solo career in 2013 with his first bold and original EP. His blended style truly came together on this eponymous record produced by 20syl. Inspired by his love for blues and world music Ledeunff did not hesitate utilizing Hip Hop and electronic genres to enhance his sound. Ledeunff crushed expectations with this record, unveiling his versatile musical universe and still finding a way to feature guests such as major French Nigerian act Asa and U.K. rapper Phoenix Troy. A stage enthusiast, Ledeunff has traveled all over France for the past 15 years, opening up for major acts he shares a musical connection with, such as Keziah Jones or Raoul Midon.

Thanks to his singular voice, his generous presence on stage and his authentic personality, Ledeunff has comfortably established his musical niche into the French scene.