Founded in 1995, Hocus Pocus started off with two DJs in a home studio and a lot of ambition. Determined to leave their imprint on the Hip Hop scene, Hocus Pocus released their first LP, Seconde Formule in 1997. Pressed on 1000 copies, this first LP showcased a lot of potential and started to make some noise in the music circles. Inspired by The Roots at a time where the majority of hip hop listeners were praising N.W.A, Hocus Pocus showed that they were not afraid to break free form the trends in order to make their own music. This unorthodoxy remains the band’s particularity to this day. Their instrumental based style led them to enlist the services of a live band and switch to a MC/DJ formula consisting of 20syl and Greem.

20syl who writes and produces Hocus Pocus’ music, first made a strong impression with the lead single Hip Hop? released in 2005, before hitting the mark with the band’s fourth opus Place 54. Crowned with a Gold Record, the album was widely celebrated, establishing the band as an unmissable music phenomenon. The delivery of their impeccable live shows reinforced the idea that Hocus Pocus was not a one­album wonder.

Some of the band’s most notable collaborations include features with French best selling rappers Akhenaton and Oxmo Puccino as well as international artists Alice Russell, Omar and Fred Wesley.