Powerful, aerial, symphonic, poetic : this is the musical challenge taken up by the duo Parrad on their first EP "So Cold".

Discovered in 2016 with the jazzy "That Thing", soundtrack of the advertising campaign of a prestigious French furniture brand, the duo had already made a name for itself with its remixes of The Dø, Phoenix or Mura Masa.

One of its two members, Atom, was also successful through his presence in the C2C DJ quartet, a group with multiple awards: 4 Victoires de la Musique (French equivalent for Grammys), a double platinum record and 5 world turntablism championship titles (DMC).

For this new artistic project, he teamed up with Gwen Delabar, for whom he had worked as a sound engineer during the mixing of his first album. After clearing new compositions together, the two artists decided to trade their respective hats as sound engineer and singer for a new electronic epic as producers behind the machines. That's when Parrad was born.

Their first EP is accompanied on the track "So Cold" by a sublime video shot in Tokyo. Inviting promising artists Degree and Nerlov for a dreamlike and puzzling piece, mixing both English and French, the video is the first chapter of a triptych telling through dance the story of a couple that is breaking up.

We then navigate between the dancers' emotions and the gorgeous urban framing of photographer Glashier, who for the occasion went behind the camera with his collective When You Hear The Warning.

Renowned for the dark atmospheres of his shots, which recall David Lynch's cinematographic universe, he had already directed for Fatboy Slim or Bonobo.

Here, he takes us with his dancers into the streets which then take the form of a full-fledged protagonist, as a witness to the lost love of this couple who cannot separate.

What better way to open this EP than with "The One", the first track that takes us on a journey between mysterious atmospheres and catchy melodies. The third track, "Flag Pole", stands out in the spotlight, calling for a symphonic and warlike atmosphere by inviting another duo, AllttA, which is none other than the combination of 20syl (C2C, Hocus Pocus) and the Californian rapper Mr. J. Medeiros.

This first EP announces the duo's upcoming album in spring 2020.