Floyd Shakim is a mysterious artist.

Based in Paris, he belongs to a generation of curious and hybrid artists.

His creations and his unique universe have no boundaries, the sound he builds on his first EP  ̈Mermaids Fade ̈ is filled with various influences, a mixture of genres inspired by a most modern musical tradition: from James Blake (with whom he shares the taste for musical architecture), to King Krule or Mount Kimbie who can almost be heard as an echo on certain tracks, not to mention Tame Impala for his sense of melody. A production strength Floyd Shakim draws (among other things) from his previous works as a producer collaborating with artists from various backgrounds such as Awir Léon or Ikaz Boi.

Despite this recognition, Floyd felt like following his instinct to dig into new resources, he wanted to explore his conscious to produce ethereal and complex songs where sirens songs from the past can still be heard. He tells the relationships still living deep inside us. Each title examines in its own way the different sides of a haunting memory.  ̈Mourning Glory ̈ is an ode to better tomorrows while  ̈Truth and Lies ̈ sounds like a salutary introspection. At the heart of  ̈Beautiful ̈ you will find a melody resonating like a hypnotic tune.